ViBeat's Mission

To impart training in the technique, expression and performance of Bharatanatyam, an ancient dance nurtured in southern India. Introducing students to its history and evolution, my training highlights Bharatnatyam's role as a communicative device recreating.

Studio Philosophy

Preserving the authenticity of a tradition while recognizing its evolution over time

My philosophy is to impart the traditional framework with all respect and rigor and without any compromise, but also to emphasize the process of modern tradition building.

Integrative training that equally nurtures physical, emotional, creative and intellectual abilities of a dancer

Dance must be appreciated as a strong vehicle of transmitting a whole culture with its distinctive life style, values, world views, social institutions, philosophy and religion. This larger understanding will make the students better dancers in their own style and more innovative creators and choreographers.

Performance experience is essential to the full training of a dancer

ViBeat Dance studio's students receive an in-depth participation in the entire process of creating, producing, and performing as an integral part of a dancer’s training process.

Specialization in Bharatnatyam dance but with practical exposure to Bollywood and Indian folk dances

Although the goal of our dance school is to teach Bharatnatyam, I believe it is absolutely essential for our students to become familiar with a wide range steps in Bollywood and other Indian folk dance cultures and physical cultures.